The Root, how to create the most favorable conditions.

The Root, how to create the most favorable conditions.

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Why is it important to create the best conditions for rooting? And how are these optimal conditions created? We will explain it to you immediately.

The root is one of the main organs of plants, it performs various functions such as the absorption of water and mineral salts which are transported to all the other organs and tissues of the plant, the anchoring to the soil, acts as a reserve organ of nutritional materials and production of hormones such as cytokinins and giberellins.

A plant that has a good root system (healthy and well developed) is certainly a plant that is able to better overcome stresses of both biotic and abiotic nature, it will be a plant that allows us to obtain good productions both quantitative and qualitative. The first step to have a good root system starts from the nursery, a plant that has a nice root system will certainly better overcome the transplant crisis (see photo 1-2).

Once the transplant has been done, it is important to create optimal conditions in the soil so that the root can develop healthy and robust, guaranteeing an adequate condition of humidity and availability of nutrients. We can improve the development of new roots with the use of rooting effect products such as Bio Enraitex, Bio Actigrow, very useful are also products containing inocula of mycorrhizal fungi type Bio Solorganic Complex, (see photo 2-3), is a compound containing a consortium of mycorrhizal fungi and rhizosphere bacteria that enter into symbiosis with the root, thus improving its absorption and health. gains better growth, greater resistance to biotic (eg pathogenic fungi) and abiotic (eg drought, heavy metals and other pollutants) stresses.

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