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We offer everything that is necessary for greenhouse cultivation: from plastic to mulches, to irrigation systems, trying to optimize all available resources.

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Fertilizers and pesticides

Thanks to the collaboration with our partners, we are able to provide a wide range of fertilizers and pesticides, capable of responding to any growing need.

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Sustainable Line

Agriculture is constantly evolving and has the task of maintaining a pact between current and new generations. This is why we have chosen InagroUp as a partner.

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Casa Verde Italia

The mission of Casa Verde Italia is to assist its customers throughout the entire production cycle by providing products and technical assistance that allow them to grow products of excellence in full respect of the environment and the well-being of the plant.

The collaboration with the best companies on the market allows us to provide the producer with the best products and services for agriculture: fertilizers, pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, technical means, agricultural tools, gardening, hobby, products for biotechnology, defense and weeding, nutrition and protection. Find out more

Articles from the Blog

Cold damage and consequences on crops

How to protect our crops from the cold with the help of biostimulants? In recent weeks, our production area has been hit by sudden and continuous drops in temperatures that[…]

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18 February 2022 0

Radical Suberosis: how to recognize and treat it

Una delle patologie che riscontriamo nelle coltivazioni di pomodoro in serra in questo periodo è la suberosi radicale (pyrenochaeta lycopersici), un patogeno fungino che predilige climi freddi.

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28 January 2022 0

Chitosano: what it is and how it works.

Chitosan, (Chitosan plus – InagroUp), an element that is becoming essential both in defense strategies and in plant nutrition. What is Chitosan plus – Inagro? It is a natural, non-toxic[…]

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25 March 2022 0

The Root, how to create the most favorable conditions.

Why is it important to create the best conditions for rooting? And how are these optimal conditions created? We will explain it to you immediately. The root is one of[…]

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14 March 2022 0

Our partners

We have chosen the best partners for the best performance on the field.