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The wide range of products could not be our strong point, if it were not accompanied by meticulous customer service!

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Casa Verde Italia is able to offer everything that is necessary for greenhouse cultivation: from plastic to mulches, to irrigation systems. All this, trying to optimize all available resources, such as water and human work.


This product category is essential for the good yield of the plant. Thanks to the collaboration with our partners we are able to supply a wide range of fertilizers capable of responding to any growing need.


Pesticides are great allies in protecting plants from harmful organisms, both curatively and preventively.

Bio Line: an exceptional partner!

Our sustainable line can boast the presence of excellent partners, who put Research and Development at the center. Among these we mention Compo Expert Italia, but above all InagroUp Biotech which in recent years, through the aid of nanotechnologies, has made a significant contribution to the agricultural world.

agriculture has always been a pact between man and the earth, but above all between current and new generations, so no farmer can refrain from looking to the future and not take responsibility for its impact.

In this context of constant change, in which it is mandatory to change one’s life habits, we must start from the beginning of our supply chain, for which farmers become fundamental in the process of energy transition and in contrasting climate change.

In this scenario, we aim to be active protagonists to better guide our farmers in the present and future challenges of the agricultural world!