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Progetto Serra Vetrina

By our side we have chosen an exceptional partner!

Agriculture is evolving at a frantic pace. Climate change is forcing us to reinvent the sector for the benefit of natural ecosystems and communities of people.

In this context, InagroUp is the travel companion we have chosen to face these challenges. Its products are born from the union of sustainability and nanotechnologies through hard research and development work.

We could not have chosen a better partner to expand our product portfolio in quantity, but above all in quality, and to have a range dedicated to organic farming, which is increasingly in demand, but also almost a moral obligation of every producer.

Humic and Fulvic acids



Deficiency correctors and Calcium

Once the transplant has been done, it is important to create optimal conditions in the soil so that the root can develop healthy and robust, guaranteeing an adequate condition of humidity and availability of nutrients. We can improve the development of new roots with the use of rooting effect products such as Enraytex.

DR. Agronomo Salvo Figura

Operating endogenously as an “elicitor” it is capable of inducing considerable defensive responses through the development of phytoalexins. Therefore, Chitosan Plus has no direct action on the various pathogens (insects, fungi or viruses), but directly stimulates the plant to react towards the immune defense.

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