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Chitosano: what it is and how it works.

Chitosan, (Chitosan plus – InagroUp), an element that is becoming essential both in defense strategies and in plant nutrition. What is Chitosan plus – Inagro? It is a natural, non-toxic substance and is widely used in organic farming with specific nutritional and defense purposes. Chemically it is a polysaccharide extracted from the chitin of crustaceans,…
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25 March 2022 0

Cold damage and consequences on crops

How to protect our crops from the cold with the help of biostimulants? In recent weeks, our production area has been hit by sudden and continuous drops in temperatures that have caused considerable damage to greenhouse crops. As is plausible, cold damage does not materialize immediately and instead becomes more and more important and visible…
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18 February 2022 0

Virus resistance mediated by coat protein

The impact of “coat protein-mediated resistance to viruses” in applied plant pathology and basic research. All over the world, plant viruses cause serious reductions in production yield and in some cases even the death of the plant. The development of virus-resistant crops through traditional breeding can take many years and in some cases it is…
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3 November 2020 0